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  • 29 Jul 2022

    Don't Let The Thought of Cancer Play on Your Mind...

    If something in your body doesn’t feel right, the thought it could be cancer can play on your mind. But most people who go for tests find out it’s not cancer. Finding out sooner is always better. Contact your GP practice. ...

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  • 26 Jul 2022

    Chlamydia Testing Kits - Women Under 25

    Chlamydia is 1 of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the UK. If you're a woman, sexually active and under 25 in England, it's recommended that you have a chlamydia test once a year, and when you have sex with new or ...

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  • 25 Jul 2022

    National Schizophrenia Awareness Day 🧠

    Today is National Schizophrenia Awareness Day The most common symptoms of schizophrenia can make everyday activities more difficult but with effective treatment, it can be managed. This can include: recognising the signs taking ...

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  • 13 Jul 2022

    Check If Your Dehydrated!

    We're expecting high temperatures for the next few days. Hot and humid weather can increase your risk of dehydration. Drink fluids when you feel any dehydration symptoms. You should drink enough during the day so your pee is a pale ...

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  • 12 Jul 2022

    Heat Exhaustion

    Heat exhaustion is a heat-related illness that can occur after you've been exposed to high temperatures. Learn the symptoms and what to do if you or someone else shows signs of heat exhaustion. More advice here: ...

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  • 8 Jul 2022

    Travelling Overseas with Medication

    If you are planning to travel overseas this summer and you need to take medicines with you, you should check if there are any restrictions before you go. More advice here:  

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  • 30 Jun 2022
  • 22 Jun 2022

    Cervical Screening

    Cervical screening saves thousands of lives every year, yet almost one in three people across the UK don’t take up their invite This #CervicalScreeningAwarenessWeek we would like to remind people about the importance of attending when ...

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  • 22 Jun 2022

    Breathe Easy Week (21st to 27th June)

    Breathe Easy Week (21st to 27th June)The theme for this year’s Breathe Easy Week is ‘Love your lungs’. Chronic lung conditions such as COPD and asthma can leave sufferers struggling to breathe. While we cannot prevent all ...

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  • 21 Jun 2022

    Cervical Screening Awareness (20th-26th June)

    Cervical Screening Awareness (20th-26th June) Some people find cervical screening a really difficult thought. Jo’s cervical cancer trust wants to help make the test easier, and this week will be talking about how we can make that ...

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