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As you may have noticed from our new large signs in the car park, the practice has now implemented a new permit holder only system in our car park. It is an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. This has been in place since the 1st September. The signs were erected mid-August as were the tablets on reception and signage in the waiting room.

We have found the introduction of the ANPR system necessary in order to deter unauthorised use of the car park by people who are not attending the practice. We have also struggled with securing the practice premises in the evening because people have left their cars in the car park and gone elsewhere.

We have always had signs in place informing people that it was a private car park for our patients only, but unfortunately these signs were ignored. Also because of the law we did not have any power to enforce any action ourselves.

This is not for profit, as we do not receive any money from fines. Our priority is to ensure that our patients visiting the practice are able to get parked.

How the system works

  • When you enter the car park the camera will take an image of your car’s number plate
  • When entering the practice you must enter your number plate details into one of the two available tablets located on reception. You have 10 minutes to get your details entered. If you have trouble please let reception know and they will happily enter it on their computer
  • This will allow you two hours of parking
  • If you go over the 10 minutes or forget to enter your details please inform reception and they can backdate a permit for up to 3 days following your visit

Please note: You will need to repeat this process during each visit to the practice.

If you have mobility issues / Blue Badge Holder

blue badgePlease notify reception of your car registration details and bring along your blue badge and they can add you to the database for a permanent permit.

If you receive a parking charge

If you receive a parking charge and you did not attend the practice, this fine still stands. The car park is for use of patients who are attending the practice only.

If you wish to appeal we have been advised to direct you to or write to Civil Enforcement Limited, Horton House, Exchange Flags, L2 3PF. Unfortunately the practice is not able to intervene.

Privacy Policy

Their private policy can be found here: C.E. Privacy Policy

Please Note: The practice is not able to arrange refunds. The practice does not receive any of the money.

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