Fitness To Work Certificates

The first seven days

For the first SEVEN days of illness or injury (including Sundays), you do not need to provide your employer with a doctor's medical certificate (sick note). However, you do need a 'self-certification form' to provide evidence of your inability to work. If you are employed you will need a form SC2 which is available from your employer or you can now click the link below and print off a copy, if you are unemployed or self-employed form SC1 is required.

A certificate is not required for the first THREE DAYS of illness or injury.

Should your employer require a certificate from a doctor for this duration there may be a fee.

After seven days

Should your illness or injury extend to beyond seven days you will need a doctor's certificate.

If you have consulted a doctor during the first seven days a telephone call to the practice requesting a medical certificate may be sufficient.

If you have NOT consulted a doctor with the current problem and it is NOT a continuing problem then you will need to make an appointment to see a doctor.

If you have been in hospital a sickness certificate should have been issued by the hospital (please make sure that you ask for a sickness certificate whilst you are in hospital). If for any reason this has not been the case please contact the relevant doctor or department who has recommended your absence. Please note it is now the responsibility of both the in patient and outpatient departments to issue the certificate.

Continuation Certificates

A continuation certificate can be arranged via telephone or calling into reception. Please contact the surgery the your sick certificate runs out. We will need the following information:-

  • Your full name and address
  • Your medical condition, which is on your current sick certificate
  • The duration for which you need the certificate - eg one week

Back-dated certificates

A sick certificate can be back-dated so that you do not need to be seen urgently or on the day that your sick certificate expires. It can be issued at a later date and backdated at the doctor's discretion to the required date.

Private certificates

Some employers/insurance schemes may request a private sick certificate. There will be a fee for this. The practice will be able to advise you of the current fee.

Please allow 48 hours notice for your certificate.

IMPORTANT: You can go back to work at any point if you feel able to, even if this is before your fit note expires. You do not need to come back to see your doctor in order to do so, or get a new fit note. This is the case even if your doctor has indicated that they need to assess you again. For more information please see the Fit Note Guidance published by the Department for Work & Pensions: Fit Note Guidance for Patients & Employees

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