Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Group

Help support your practice by voicing your opinion.

Importance of group:

Patient Participation Groups or PPG’s are here to ensure that the practice provide high standard of care, meeting the needs of the population which it serves. This is why it is important for practices to have representatives to help raise issues and tackle challenges that will help improve existing services.

Membership of the PPG is open to any patient of the Practice. Any patient can then nominate themselves for election of the PPG Committee at the AGM. The committee of the PPG aims to meet no fewer than four times a year and cover issues that affect the daily running of the practice and can help make a different to patients and staff. PPG’s ensure that decisions are made to benefit patients. Setting aside personal agendas (there are other avenues for discussing these) and try and be an objective, agenda-free expert who is representative of any other patients and carers, expressing their views openly and fairly even if you do not agree with them;

Members of PPG’s aim to:

  • Act as a patient ambassador
  • Talk to other patients and carers to pick up comments and concerns in the community, whilst respecting the confidentiality of any individual;
  • Promote the work of the PPG, sharing feedback and knowledge gained with community networks;
  • Constructively contributing to meetings, reading agendas and papers in advance of meetings, making a note of any questions and/or comments.

Practice responsibilities

The practice has a responsibility to support the group and adhere to Confidentiality Policy and Declaration Agreement for Volunteers.

If you are interested in supporting and improving your practice please contact your PPG secretary Elizabeth Turpin:

Meeting minutes:

8th November 2021

Virtual Meeting 14/09/2020

30th September 2019

11th June 2019 (PDF, 234KB)

11th February 2019 (PDF, 227KB)

24th September 2018 (PDF, 232KB)

16th July 2018

23rd April 2018 (PDF, 208KB)

19th February 2018

25th September 2017

25th July 2017

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